Industrial pumps

Industrial pumps are widely use to provide cooling and lubrication services, for fluid conveyance, and to provide driving force to hydraulic systems. Most industrial facilities as well as commercial and apartment buildings use pumping systems in their daily operation. In the manufacturing sector, pumps account for nearly one third of electricity consumption. In commerce, they are primarily used for HVAC systems, water management, and heat transfer.


High-capacity industrial pumps: reliable and always doing the job

Pumps can meet diverse demands, that’s why the market offers numerous types. The choice depends on the application and requirements because there is a specific pump for every job. Zanni offers simple, low-priced pump designs for most applications that have to do with water supply and distribution, irrigation, and conveyance of chemical substances in petrochemical plants that involve low-viscosity fluids like water, solvents, chemical products and light oils.

Zanni pumps are perfect for applications involving high-viscosity fluids such as dense oils, slurry, emulsions, foods or biological fluids.


Wastewater pumps: peristaltic pumps

Water is an amazing asset, a building block of life. Living beings such as human beings, plants and animals can’t survive without it. The same holds true for cities, which rely for their existence on a readily available supply of water and the capacity to supply it consistently to homes, industries, hospitals and community centres.

Many large industries use water as an industrial equipment cleaning or cooling agent so their operations would stop without a water pump. In cases such as these, water is often a waste product and must be treated or discharged. Now that greater attention is being placed on environmental responsibility, properly managing and treating wastewater is becoming increasingly crucial.

With water playing such a critical role, there is a fundamental need for pumping technology that can manage water – from its purest form to the dirty waters of a water treatment plant – efficiently, reliably and safely. Peristaltic pumps come into play here because they are suited to any type of demand.

At Pompe Zanni we can deliver the best systems, including peristaltic pumps to handle wastewater from the pharmaceutical or industrial sectors. It is also worth noting that wastewater can be especially troublesome for pumping equipment because it could be contaminated with abrasives or solids that could damage the pumps or with hazardous materials that must be kept in check to safeguard the safety of personnel, the plant and the environment.


Why does it pay to turn to a brand that has been in the market for 50 years?

Choosing the right pump is crucial for the operation of an industrial concern yet often, it isn’t as simple as it seems. That’s because each pump has dozens of different specifications. At Pompe Zanni, however, the selection of pumps for industrial applications is wide.

Contact our staff. They will help you choose the best pump for the requirements of your system. If you’re looking to buy and install a new pumping system, turn to the experts at Pompe Zanni who have been ensuring reliability, professionalism and innovation for over 50 years. Our technicians are constantly trained to deliver the best service to customers. Contact us today to learn more about our products. Pompe Zanni, serving the needs of customers since 1967!