Pompe Zanni, since 1964.

To answer the numerous requests and meet the needs of our customers, Pompe Zanni has specialised in the production of a vast range of products.

Thanks to the variety of pumps we can supply, Pompe Zanni can intervene in numerous situations and various application sectors even where there are specific needs that require preliminary analysis and in-depth study.

Our customers receive support from the company team, who can offer professional services that come from experience and constant technological updates.


Zanni pumps are widely used in the civil sector, in particular for:

  • Water treatment
  • Railway underpasses
  • Road underpasses
  • Undergrounds and subways
  • Snowmaking
  • Fire systems


Pompe Zanni produces pumps that are suitable for the industrial sector for various uses:

  • Transport of purified water
  • Desalinisation of seawater
  • Oil and gas pipe cleaning
  • Water extraction from artificial lakes
  • Mine drainage installations


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Pompe Zanni pumps are used for many different purposes in agriculture, including:

  • Drip installation
  • Irrigation systems with reels / irrigators
  • Moving irrigation systems
  • anti-frost systems


The aqueduct sector uses Pompe Zanni pumps for important functions such as:

  • Pumping stations
  • Aqueducts
  • Pressurisation stations
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