Farm field wells

Farm wells are used to supply water to irrigate the fields or for other agricultural purposes, including to supply catch basins. Well pumps are most commonly used to bring potable water to the surface from wells and springs. Collectively, well pumps include a series of other pump types, such as jet pups, submersible pumps, and others.

Well pumps can be used for other applications besides water collection, such as to drain cisterns or reservoirs, and can pump other material besides water, including petroleum or natural gas and, less commonly, chemical and petrochemical products, hazardous materials, sludge and waste water. While they are mainly found in domestic wells, water distribution services, and mining and other fuel production applications, they can also be found in the building construction industry and commercial services.


Well pumps and electric pumps

Long gone are the days when a bucket tied to the end of a rope was used to get water from a well. Pump technology has put an end to this rudimentary method. A well pump uses centrifugal force to convey water from the underground reservoir to your home, ready for use. The depth of your well will determine what kind of well pump you’ll need.

In urban and suburban areas, most people have almost constant access to clean, potable water. In rural areas, however, millions of homes rely on wells for their water supply. A well pump is an electromechanical device installed after drilling or digging a well. Its purpose is to pump water from the well to your home. An electric motor powers the pump, which pushes the water from your well through a jet or pipe.


When to choose an electric pump

When it comes time to choose the right pump for your well, the most crucial factor is the depth of the well, in other words, how far the water has to travel to reach the ground surface. Electric pumps provide numerous advantages compared to fuel and diesel powered pumps, making it the best choice for construction projects, mining and public services. There are as many well pumps as there are requirements.

Be that as it may, choice factors often depend on water depth and well diameter. Some electric pumps are made for special purposes, such as boosting water pressure or offering secondary water a way out, such as in the case of a distillation system. Jet pumps draw water while submersible pumps push water upward. Since pushing water requires less energy, submersible pumps are often the most efficient choice for deep wells.

The choice of a jet pump or a submersible pump will likely depend on the depth of your well and your willingness to have a higher water flow rate system that is considered to be more suited to farming fields.


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