Submersible pumps: application and how they work

Submersible pumps are versatile and effective devices used in a variety of applications, including industry, civil engineering and agriculture.

Submersible well pumps and fields of application

Among their many applications, submersible pumps are used in fire-fighting systems and pumping stations as well as to draw primary water from wells.

In industry they can be used to carry purified water, while in agriculture they can support irrigation systems and other water systems used in cultivation.

Submersible pumps: how they work

Submersible pumps differ from surface-mounted pumps in that they operate while submerged in the water that they are required to pump. The width and depth of the well are, therefore, important details to consider in choosing one over the other.

The level probes, the main feature in our pumps, are remotely controlled via a control panel on the surface. This component has an important monitoring and protection function.

The most suitable option should be chosen depending on the flow rate, head and motor power that your specific use requires.

At Zanni we manufacture two different types of submersible pumps:

Both versions have been designed down to the smallest detail. Every material has been carefully selected and every piece undergoes stringent quality controls.

At Zanni we produce a comprehensive range of pumps for any need and walk the customer through the steps to select the most suitable product.

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