Pompe Zanni

Pompe Zanni deals with pumps and submersible electropumps since 1964 and over the years it has gained all the necessary skills to manufacture products for industrial, irrigation and mine drainage plants, pumping stations and numerous other areas.
The experience and professionalism of the work group led the company to success, always being a pioneer in its field. The quality of the products has also conquered the foreign market, so that vertical axis centrifugal pumps, horizontal pumps and pumps for wells are produced in different countries: Spain, Great Britain, Libya, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are just some of the countries who turn to Pompe Zanni for works in the areas of agriculture, housing and industry.
Also in Italy there are many customers who choose the company from Rubiera to get a quality and innovative service: the reliability and competence guaranteed by Pompe Zanni are an element of fundamental importance to be appreciated everywhere.


+39 0522 626636